Ne Ndoro…



Our story begins in the depths of the oceans, onto the sacred shores of Africa, into the hearts of ancient dynasties, rooted in the totemic history of our founder's bloodline and to the present day. 
Africa's holy grail, the ndoro, a fossilized mollusk, won by royalty, lost in a river, found by the king's sister, at the pinnacle of our founder's bloodline. The  sister, fondly called "mwenewazvo", founders  and keepers of the ndoro.
Today, it is our quest to find the ndoro and channel it into modern day. It is here were we collectively gather the first currency of trade, wealth, power, fertility and the continuity of life.
At Ne Ndoro we craft your sense of fashion, style, ease your travel, bring color, life and authenticity from our various products, carefully molded, and sourced for quality and historical connections and crafted by hardworking artisans spanning the continent of Africa.

Our  In Store Brands:
House Of Si-Irene
Elements By Ne Ndoro