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"Our story takes us from the depths of the oceans to the sacred shores of Africa and delves into the hearts of ancient dynasties, particularly the Munhumutapa, deeply rooted in the totemic history of our founder's bloodline. This rich lineage stretches from ancient times to the present day.

Central to Africa's mystique is the ndoro, an esteemed artifact that holds immense significance. The ndoro, a fossilized mollusk, was once possessed by royalty, only to be lost in a river. Miraculously, it was rediscovered by the king's sister, affectionately known as "mwenewazvo," of the head twelve tribes, the Soko, who became the custodian of this precious relic, passing it down through generations.

Today, our mission is to seek out the ndoro and infuse it with modernity. At Ne Ndoro, we gather together the essence of trade, wealth, power, fertility, and the continuity of life. Through our meticulously curated range of products, we celebrate the vibrant spirit of Africa, honoring its authenticity and ethnic heritage while adding a touch of elegance to your fashion and style.

Each item we offer is thoughtfully crafted, meticulously sourced for its quality and historical connections, and brought to you directly from the skilled hands of hardworking artisans spanning the diverse continent of Africa. With Ne Ndoro, we bring you a burst of color, a celebration of life, and an authentic experience that connects you to the beauty and heritage of Africa."


Our Products are carefully picked, co-designed, commissioned,  or on consignment with partner brands.

Elements By Ne Ndoro
Fox & Laundry (Custom Executive Excellence Fashion)
Bio (Organic Skin Care & African Botanicals)
House Of Si-Irenes
Lingo Card
Bay Tuck Shop
Martin's Green Acre 
HombaRume (Coming Soon!, a man's beard grooing kit)
Petal Theory (Coming soon! Biochemist developed beauty products)

Nangara (Brazil)
Planet Headwraps (Detroit)
Thrifty Upenyu (Chicago-Zimbabwe)
Please email us directly at info@nendoro.co to become a partner brand