Services & African International Students Assistance

Hi there! 

We have re-positioned our brand, by offering services not offered by other brands.Would you like to make an appointment for workshops and classes or our free 1-hr consultations, or use our Connect Card (USA only) for ordering from the USA to other parts of the world where things get complicated? 

We offer full service custom tailoring,  with you our customer in mind. Please visit the appropriate page for your needs!! 

1. Custom Tailoring/Bespoke Appointments

1.Design idea (yours or ours or both! Totally your call! We will help you with the process)
2.Fabric Selection (Buy Fabric from us online or in-store)
3.Design Visioning
4.Proofing & Approval
5. Design Drafting
6. Fitting
7. Completion

Personal styling as a Service PSaaSTM

Connect Card

BackYard Farming/Gardening Consultancy

Martin's Green Acre is Ne Ndoro's consultancy arm for  sustainable organic farming in the era of COVID-19, through hosted webinars, Speaking Engagement & Workshops throughout Africa and the US.

Consultant(s) specializes in Agriculture (a) Horticulture
                                            (b) Animal husbandry
                                            (c) Bee keeping
                                            (d) Alternative veterinary medicine
                                            (e) Organic farming



African International Students: 
we know what it's like to be in the diaspora and it does get lonely: If you are lacking for basic needs, work, accommodation, a home cooked meal or even just the companion of a fellow African or someone that can relate. Contact Us:
or Call/text 510 629 0705 (also on WhatsApp)