Collection: Village CEO

Village CEO is our fun and twisted Collection by Ne Ndoro, made from new, scrap fabric & notions for that creative and unique look down to the whacky finish. Its inspired by the a concept of using what you have and the need to recycling in the textile industry, in a effort to combat the effects of climate change, one thread at a time.

While the textile and fabric industry produces massive quantities of fabric and the fashion industry consumes it at alarming rate and the end user rapidly fills the landfills with clothes, we are here to slow down the pace at which the fashion industry impacts the environment.

In rural Africa, nothing goes to waste. Everything little thing finds a purpose and leftover anything is reused at least 2-3 times. When it come to textiles and fabric, each piece has many life forms. If its useful as a form of fashion, you better believe that it will be properly fitted and will be stylish.

Now that's Fashion with a purpose. Lets save our planet!!! Join our movement.